Commercial services

Commercial Services

Technical tender review.

Identifying profit optimization / cost reduction initiatives.

Technical support on contract claims and identification of significant contractual risks.

Project Management

Project Management

Identifying the extent of work, timeline, resources, documentation and processes needed for a timely and successful project completion.

Analysing drilling data, drilling improvement solutions and their implementation.

Conducting After-Action Reviews (AARs), documenting lessons learnt and implementing any required changes.

Performing risk analysis, HAZID participation and drafting execution plans.

Well Engineering

Well Engineering

Preparation of Basis of Well design including concept schematic, expected drilling loads and rig requirements, casing design, drilling fluid, cementing design and offset well analysis.

Preparation of Drilling Programs including Detailed Drilling Guidelines (DDG), Logging While Drilling (LWD), casing, cementing, fluids programs, as well as Standing Instructions to Drillers (SID), Well Cost Estimation (AFE), well montages and Plug and Abandonment schematics.

Drilling operational execution phase oversight

Drilling operational execution phase oversight

Working with the client and drilling contractor to manage the project timeline, expectations and delivery.

Liaising and updating stakeholders on project progress.

Formulating and validating cementing calculations, fluid displacement and PAD volumes, in-flow tests, kill sheets, torque & drag, hydraulics and swab/surge models, bit grading, and tally preparation.

Documenting and substantiating Management of Change.



Preparation of Plug and Abandonment and/or Intervention methodologies.

Qualifying and verifying well barrier and P&A according to relevant industry Standards and Well Abandonment Guidelines.

Rehabilitation of drill site to its natural state.

Post project support

Post Project Support

Drafting End of Well Reports.

Collating key well learnings.

Presenting findings to various stakeholders.